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Rebranding is easy when using the SIGNARAMA Surry Hills team. We have a proven track record in helping businesses such as The Salvation Army & RAMS Home Loans roll-out brand compliant signage across multiple locations.

Signarama Surry Hills has Sign Rebranding consultants ready to help you with your rebranding strategy. We understand the power of effective and consistent branding and the impact it has on your bottom line.

Due to the tremendous impact that renaming or rebranding a company can have, it is critical to take the client through the process with great sensitivity and care. The new company identity and brand should also be launched in a subtle and methodical manner in order to avoid alienating old customers, while aiming to attract new business prospects. At Signarama Surry Hills we specialize in the production of such corporate re-imaging exercises.

Your corporate branding along with customer service will determine whether customers come back or recommend you to others. All forms of business signage helps you clearly communicate your visual strategy to your target audience. We can help you ensure your new brand identity is communicated correctly.

Brand consistency screams integrity!  Integrity equals trust.  Your new brand must reach all the points of contact your client might encounter.

Does your brand travel from your window, to the reception, to your vehicles?

We have successfully produced rebranding & creating customised signage solutions for Rams Home Loans, The Salvation Army, Presbyterian Aged Care, Vinnies and Provender across NSW and Australia. More recently, we have also complated a sign rebranding project of our own which you can read about here.

From initial consultation we will discuss various options for your branding strategy which are cost effective and the most practical to suit your project whether it be large or small.  Once products have been discussed a formal quote will be finalised looking at the whole project and ensuring cost effective delivery.

We will work closely with you to ensure good communication and regular updates throughout your project.

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