Safety Signs, Braille & Regulatory Signage

Safety signs, Braille signs, Regulatory Signage, Australin Standards Sign, Hazard Signs, Warning signs
Signarama Surry Hills can manufacture a wide variety of safety signs such as hazard, braille, warning & regulatory signs to help you warn people of potential of safety issues

Do you have all the Regulatory & Safety Signs you need?

Compliance can be a confusing issue. Different uses for a building will require different OH&S regulation & compliance.

Rules & regulations governing signage are in the Building Codes of Australia (BCA) & Australian standards  AS 1319: 1994. Failure to comply with fire door signage can result in delays to occupancy certificates. All Safety Sign legends should describe the danger or direction in a simple and concise manner. From certain text heights, required wording, installation position and types of Braille and tactile signage, we can help advise you on these requirements.

Now more than ever, it is vital for public liability concerns to warn your employees, customers, suppliers and passers-by of potential hazards. The presence of adequate safety signs & signage can mean the difference between having a safe workplace and a hazardous one.

Signarama Surry Hills  have worked on a vast amount of projects and can advise on what is required. We can manufacture a wide variety of safety signs specifically tailored to meet your individual or corporate needs. Whether they be large or small, wall mounted, hanging, illuminated or self-standing, we can provide you with professional advice on how to best ensure that your safety signage requirements are satisfied.

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