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A-frames, Sandwich Boards, Outdoor Banners, Building Flags, Teardrop Flags, A-board, Outdoor Flag
A-frames, Outdoor Banners & Flags are an economical & easy to use products that quickly promote your business. Produced from cost effective materials & coming in a range of sizes & shapes, these are excellent advertising mediums

We produce a range of A-frames or sandwich board signs. The range comes in various shapes, sizes and materials. A-frames are an easily portable form of signage. They provide direction to your premises, advertise products or services and provide general information. They are an excellent advertising medium that targets impulse purchases and help attract customers to your business.

A custom designed outdoor banner is amongst the most effective and economical ways to display your message about products, services or events. Banners are an easily transportable advertising medium that can be hung virtually anywhere. They can be made from PVC or mesh and can be stitched in a number of different ways including ropes, eyelets, pockets & keddar edging (for use with sail track on extra large ones),

Flags are a very popular form of event signage. Flags have been used for centuries to communicate, signal and identify and are another ideal way to promote a product or service as they flap in the breeze. They are particularly effective when flown in multiples providing a dynamic visual presence for your brand. Options include single sided with a mirrored image on the other side, true double sided (double layer with image on both sides), bowhead, teardrop & feather flags are also available and come with a variety of base options.

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